dafeng cleanroom technology co., ltd is a technology-based industrial company mainly engaged in air purification (Clean Room) products, Clean room accessories, Wall and ceiling partition panels. It is a manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing, sales and installation services of engineering equipment for clean room and sterile room.

Our clean room products are widely used in semiconductor, nuclear industry, electronic technology, medicine and health, biological experiment, food and beverage, mechanical and electrical equipment, environmental protection, chemical industry, coating, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Technicians account for 33% of the total number of employees. With sheet metal, welding, paint, assembly and other workshops. The company has perfect technology and management, testing instruments, product development and production, clean room project design and construction capacity. The main products are all kinds of materials and sizes of air shower, purification table, biological safety cabinet, air self-purifier, junior high school high efficiency air filter, FFU (fan filter unit), weighing room, pass box, sampling vehicle, laminar flow hood, AHU, cleanroom lamps, fan box, HEPA filter outlet (with DOP detection tank filter) and other products and accessories.